The Sniper’s Nest Pan of the Building in The Killers

Made while they were setting up JFK, Reagan’s last film, the murder of her supposed lover, JFK, was announced to screen actress Angela Dickenson as they shot the film in which Reagan kills her lover in jealousy. This pan moves upward to the corner just as where Oswald was said to be.

How Does Mt. Desert Island Prove AIDS Manmade?


Notice the way my name is surrounded with positive and negative signs. This is one of the pieces of evidence and information that shows they were attempting to use me in a mandatory AIDS testing precedent case.

There is a reference to “injecting people”. This is an allusion to something Zell told me in the Winter of 1981, “what would you think of a scheme to transform the human race by injecting the blood.”

Zell was working on Mt. Desert Island at Jackson Immunogenetic Laboratory. He is shown by association with Michael McGarvey to have been involved with the gang known as The Guttersnipes who have written repeatedly and circulated papers privately about torturing me brutally as a child.

The Guttersnipes are protected by my criminal and mentally retarded mother because they are friends of my sister Laura, led by Greg Karl, whose paper: Structuralist Approach to Musical Analysis, details the Two Virgins pussyball war game over Midori Goto that was clocked as a Shinto survivalist and Martial Ultimate Fight to the AIDS Onslaught.

Despite evidence to the contrary, which he sought to impound and destroy, or perhaps you could say because of such evidence, Peter Gabriel called the events on Mt. Desert Island, “an Experience Park” or scared straight program, in order to lie for Reagan and protect Robert Fripp’s favorite, Leslie Katz, who is proven by the arrangements in the Two Virgins Pussyball War Game to have been a partner of Gail Burstyn.

Gail Burstyn’s letters give the reason for killing Martin Luther King and the date John Lennon was to be killed six years in advance. This evidence in their murders was found investigating the origin of AIDS.


Primary Evidence of Torture

The Impacted Neuroplasm that surfaced after years of cultural abuse and manipulation by extremists who used me for slavery as a neurobedient golem. Manipulation of this condition continued in college where I was attacked in a terrifying home wrecker operation by the AFL-CIO trying to cover up how I was tortured by humiliating me.

A Speech Before The Community College of Allegheny County

      CCAC is a very special place.  The library is a gold mine, a treasure from the 60’s.  It was a very small school when my mother starting teaching here when I was a child during the Vietnam War.  I’ve been on the brink of being kicked out of school for outspokenness as I worked on this speech that I’ve been asked by class requirements to give on the subject of Understanding Violence.  The reason I am excited about being able to speak to a class at CCAC, the reason I’m excited to speak about understanding violence, is that it once seemed impossible that I would ever have either the courage or safety to overcome my terror of death threats to step forwards.

          This brings me to my first point, in order to discuss violence in Pittsburgh openly you have to be careful of the fact that you are talking about something which is continuing, ongoing and present.  I was never supposed to discuss this and if you repeat what I tell you be forewarned that a large number will say that I’m a phony, that it isn’t true, that I misrepresented everything.
          It once seemed impossible I would have the safety or courage to discuss these matters.  What does any of that matter however if any message is simply going forward to a dishonest society?  Indeed, I’ve bought the power to speak at the price of an agreement never to be respected or believed.  Throughout my entire life because of what happened I’ve always been afraid the next day will be my last.  It was once said by Martha Gellhorn of Dachau, “It never did any man any good whatsoever to cry out from this place,” and the same has been true for me of my experience of Pittsburgh.  The name of Pittsburgh, for me, is as black as Auschwitz.
        When I was 13 years old a wolf pack of armed men set upon me and beat me half to death, then when I was prone, comatose and crying with fear they took me to a place called Kings Estate, gave me LSD, put paint thinner on a rag in a paper bag and forced me to use those inhalants for hours and hours.  I never recovered.  I was kicked in the head and partially blinded.  I’ve spent my whole life deaf, half dead with brain damage.  This wasn’t I confess either the worst or the most violent thing they did to humiliate me, but some things are unfit for speech.
          Due to this miscarriage, I never had a life or career.  I’ve been homeless for years on end, in jail for weeks and in hospitals for months.  I suffered seizures on the street.  No woman would ever marry me.  I have heart problems, stomach problems, diabetes, a severe neuroplasm in my facial nerve that forced its way out from deep in my skull, many of these problems the pitiless acts of police and hospital malpractice to punish me for whistleblowing.  My best friend was brutally raped in reprisals for talking.
          There was no pity, no remorse, no honesty ever about what happened.  The City of Pittsburgh closed ranks to blame me, to depict me as a thing of scorn, a poet they spat.  They claimed that the brutal molesters, the pedophiles and the organized crime geniuses at the F.B.I. and Police Department who designed the horrid kidnapping operation of the son of Pitt’s Chair of Education, retaliating for my dad’s book dedicated to Martin Luther King, foes among the segregationists, for most of the assassins were armed, racist whites, they claimed these murderers were my friends and it remains very hard to undo myself from contact with them.
         I want to touch on the issue that came up in class about how mass media and cultural icons work together normalizing a culture of violence.  At the root of the idea that you are either in a gang or a snitch is the romanticization of drug violence by The Beatles, by jailhouse rockers, who have their origins in the Teddy Boys scene of London.  Aleister Crowley, a black magic fascist, appears on the cover of Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band by the Beatles.  This is a particularly ugly and undisguised example of how sickening British rock and roll’s influence over American culture tries to be.  One of Crowley’s disciples, J.F.C. Fuller was important in the British Military and an ally of Oswald Mosley, leader of the British Nazi Party with close personal ties to Adolf Hitler.  The Beatles didn’t care much that they were tying themselves to Hitler as they sang effervescently of beating their girlfriends, which they do in fact sing of doing on Sgt. Peppers.
         It’s more than of passing interest that the Pitmans who tortured me have names so similar to the Quarrymen which was the name of the Beatles at one time.  I’ve also learned that Neva Mancine, who was in their gang, is the name of a Japanese pornography company: NEVA.  Man/cine is like cinema of man.  It makes you holocaustally wonder if the brutality towards me, tears and pedophile sadism, was captured on film at the various places I was stolen to, kidnapped and life destroyed.  George Romero’s daughter Kyra Schon was named in letter sent to me by the assassin ring.
         What I’ve learned about violence in America is there’s no one you can tell, no one who will care.  There’s no police.  It’s just a big undignified gang scene, but I think the struggle to understand violence is still part of the struggle to understand non-violence and bring about a better society.